All the mandatory domestic relations forms for the counties where you practice, all the domestic relations pleadings, and all statewide forms are provided and able to be completed by Ohio DR Software, LLC Templates© within seconds!

  • Save hundreds of hours of (non-billable) staff and attorney time
  • Forms and pleadings completed within seconds after client information is inserted or retrieved
  • Does all the math calculations in Child Support Worksheets and Financial Disclosure Affidavits
  • Input client information once and insert the saved data in future forms and pleadings without re-typing
  • Edit, print and save completed forms and pleadings as normal word processor documents
  • Includes all mandatory court forms from the counties selected, as well as over 470 standard pleadings, including Complaints, Motions, Discovery, Decrees, Separation Agreements, Entries, QDRO's, Child Support Worksheets and ODJFS forms
  • Works with HotDocs™ v. 2009 to 11, and  Microsoft® Word® 97 to 2013 
  • Free Updates and technical support for a year
  • Easy to Use!
Additional Features:
  • Templates can be edited or modified using HotDocs™ and Microsoft Word® to suit your individual preferences and style
  • Over 470 standard Domestic Relations pleadings, child support worksheets and statewide mandatory forms in one place - no more searching, no more form books or cutting and pasting from earlier samples!
  • Ease to install


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*Several counties do not have their own mandatory forms.
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