Ohio DR Software, LLC Templates© can only be sampled if HotDocs, and  Microsoft Word are installed on your computer.  HotDocs provides a free downloadable trial version of their software at their website (www.hotdocs.com ). This trial version is the entire program (without HotDocs PDF Advantage), but is functional for only 30 days. To sample Ohio DR Software, LLC templates, it is necessary to download and install the trial version of HotDocs , not the Player version.

     Ohio DR Software templates are only intended for use by licensed Ohio attorneys and their staff.  Prior to downloading a Ohio DR Software demo template, call Ohio DR Software at (513)518-0756 to provide appropriate identification to receive a password to allow installation. 

To Use Ohio DR Software Template Demos:

  • Download the trial version of HotDocs 2010 Professional from www.hotdocs.com. This trial version is good for 30 days. Do not download the HotDocs Player Version.

  • Microsoft Word  must be installed on your computer before HotDocs is installed.

  • Select, download, and read the "Instructions" document below. The first choice includes installation and licensing information as well as assembly information.  The second choice includes only assembly information and is for all users of the software.  Both are available in either Word (W) or PDF (PDF) format.

  • Call OhioDRSoftware, LLC to receive a password.  Then, select and download the "Master" library below by right clicking and select "save target as".  Save the file to disc or your desktop--do not try to open it from the website.  After it is downloaded, open HotDocs and select File/Install Template, browse to where it was downloaded, open the dropdown box for "Files of Type" to select "All Files", and then select the file, and hit the "install" button..  It will be automatically installed by HotDocs.

  • Assemble the Demo templates you have selected.  The OhioDRSoftware, LLC demo templates will work until the end of the month.  Unlike the full version, the demo version of the templates can not be edited.  However, the template documents after they have been assembled to Word  may be edited as any standard word processor document.


      1. Complete INSTRUCTIONS:                       


               ASSEMBLY, & LICENSING

    (W)   (PDF)



     (W)   (PDF)







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