Ohio DR Software, LLC has gathered and computerized all the Uniform Domestic Relations forms, the required domestic relations forms for each Ohio county, added over 470 standard domestic relations pleadings, and has automated them using HotDocs  document generation software so they can be completed within seconds as standard Word® text documents!! 

  • Input client information only once and reuse the data in all pleadings and forms needed later.
  • Templates are completed within seconds after client information is answered or retrieved.
  • All templates comply with all Ohio statutes and each county's local rules for content and style.
  • Save hundreds of hours on paper work. Save money on software used just to create and compute Child Support Worksheets.
  • Edit, print and save completed forms and pleadings as standard Microsoft® Word® text documents.
  • Does all the math calculations in Child Support Worksheets and all other forms, including Financial Disclosure Affidavits
  • Over 470 pleadings and statewide forms are provided, including Complaints, Motions, Decrees, Entries, Parenting Affidavits, Separation Agreements, IV-D Form, Deduction Orders, Health Care Forms, Child Support Worksheets, Discovery, etc.
  • All templates can be modified for  attorney preferences as to content and style.
  • Works with HotDocs™ v. 2009 - 11  and Microsoft® Word® 97 to 2013.  Designed for a single user or a network environment.  Designed for a sole practitioner or a multiple attorney firm.
  • Regular updates (first year included at no cost!)
  • Easy to Use!




Itemization of Pleadings and Forms Available

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